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Cheap Custom Silicone Canon S90 Grip

I recently purchased the Canon Powershot S90 camera as my main point and shoot. I love this camera, it's fast, sharp and great in low light situations. Buy it!

However, I noticed, as with a lot of other folks who got the same camera that it's not really that great to hold. It almost seems that Canon wanted to make sure it slips out of your hand and break so you can buy another Canon! So, like many others, I looked around for a solution in the camera forums.

People keep recommending Richard Franiec's custom Canon S90 grip. I drool. I like. I mean what's there not to like about a custom machined aluminium grip with powder coated paint and sealed with a charged metal bath? Only problem is the price. $33 for a grip??? Also when I thought I have to have it, Mr. Franiec went on vacation and wouldn't ship until a month later.

So, what to do?

Silicone bumpers to the rescue!!! (okay, it's actually "Self-Stick Protection Pads" from Scotch)

My solution costs you less than $2. (That's right, TWO DOLLARS) You can probably find the change in your couch.

First you buy this from a hardware store or Walmart or Target.

Stick a few of this where you are going to hold your S90. I try to do it in sort of an "ergonomic" curve for your fingers to hold. I used 4. These positions seems to work out great. (If it doesn't, rip them out and try again!) Apply a bit of pressure to the silicon bumpers so they stick real good. But not too much pressure, use your own judgment.

View from another angle.

View from the top down.

View from the bottom up.

Holding it is a pleasure. The silicon makes it super sticky and grips like no tomorrow. You also cannot really see the silicon bumpers when you grip it so no one would even know that you used cheap silicon bumpers instead of Mr. Franiec's cool custom grip.